Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Stop Smoking by Using Electronic Cigarette and Flavoured E Hookah Pen Device

Benefits of e cigarette;
Making the switch from smoking to vaping, you not only save mountain load of money but feel healthier!
There are so many great reasons to switch to vaping. Most people do it for the monetary benefit, but there are countless other positives which are endless!

Save yourself a lot of money;
Anyone who smokes knows how ludicrously expensive cigarettes have become! Vaping devices and e-liquids save you money from day one!

Considerably fewer chemicals; 
There on average 600 different chemicals found in a normal cigarette of which 69 have linked to causing cancer. Many of these are toxic and/or carcinogenic. Tar, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia are all in regular cigarette smoke!

No more smoke & ash;
No more messy ashes and cigarette butts all over the place! Whether it’s your car or home, you end up making a lot of mess, and not to forget your expensive suit which will be covered in soot!

Cleaner teeth and better breath;
Get rid of those dirty teeth stains and bad breath! Nicotine stains are the hardest to remove. On top of that your breath stinks up like a perpetual ashtray!

Vape in (most) places you want;
You no longer have to scavenge around for smoking areas everywhere you go, or keep having to step out of the house to smoke, be (#get drenched # get sick # freeze to death # collapse of heat #) it rain, snow, hail, heat you have to have no other option but to get out! Vaping is allowed in most places indoors and outdoors, but rules may differ across the globe. Check our guide section for common vaping rules and trends across the world

No more second hand smoke;
One of greatest worries for all smokers 2nd hand smoke created around friends and loved ones because of the potential health risks involved with toxic smoke. Vaping produces vapours which are harmless compared to tobacco smoke, and can be done around any smokers or non smokers!

You can choose from a variety of flavours;
Eating a nice strawberry cheese cake? Well you can have that taste running through your vaporise / e cigarette online anytime! Choose from countless different e-liquids, or e-juices as they are also known as, or even similar tasting tobacco flavors. The choice of flavors is yours! Check out these tantalising ranges of yummy e-juices.

More environmentally friendly;
Did you know a cigarette takes 10-15 years butts & filters to decompose in ground? And not to mention the harmful chemicals it releases along with toxic smoke a smokers contaminates the air with! All of you who care about our planet and environment are doing a huge bit to avoid this by vaping!

No fire risk;
Most of us have burned holes in our favourite shirts, trousers or worse burned down our house (ouch!) because of cigarette discarded without putting it out properly or while dusting the ash.
The list of advantages of switching to vaping from the vile, toxic, harmful cigarette smoking is endless. Above are just few of the awesomeness that vaping can do! 

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